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The successful coach of GOG Svendborg will leave the club with a victory in the Danish championship. Carsten Albrektsen talks to eurohandball.com.

GOG Coach with Mixed Emotions  

GOG Svendborg TGI secured the Danish championship and qualification for next season’s Champions League last week. Obviously, Coach Carsten Albrektsen was a happy man after they won the title in the play-off against Viborg HK.

Albrektsen is leaving the club with a glorious resultHowever, Albrektsen was a bit sad at the same time as he is not going to be in charge of the team for the new Champions League adventure.

It has been known for quite some time that Carsten Albrektsen will take Bjerringbro/Silkeborg, another Danish team, over after this season.

He leaves GOG in the hands of current Swedish women’s national coach Ulf Schefvert. Albrektsen’s emotions were therefore mixed when eurohandball.com met him after the championship triumph.

eurohandball.com: You said several times that you wanted to end your career in GOG in the best possible manner. After only finishing third in the first phase of the championship, did you ever dream of leaving with a gold medal?

Carsten Albrektsen:  Yes, I was definitely dreaming about it, and towards the end of the first phase of the league I also had the feeling that it was possible. I think we were extremely good at reaching our peak at the best possible time. Furthermore, there has been a tremendous confidence in the team all the way.

For those who are leaving the club, it could not have ended any better. We qualified for the Champions League and I know how much that means to the club and how much it is going to improve the players. Of course, I am leaving with great sadness, but on the other hand I think that now I have done my job.

eurohandball.com: What was decisive for the team to take the title and qualify for the Champions League at the end?

Carsten Albrektsen: First and foremost, the team formed a strong unit and believed that it was possible. The players managed to maintain this belief through the play-offs. As a result, we are standing here as champions today.

eurohandball.com: You are not the only one leaving after this season. There are also going to be changes on several key positions in the team. How do you see the potential in the team that you are leave to your successor Ulf Schefvert?

Carsten Albrektsen: The club managed to sign some great players to replace those leaving. Of course it takes time to get even great players integrated in a team and that may make it difficult for GOG to make a top result in the Champions League next season.


GOG Transfers

Torsten Laen scored 12 goals against Ciudad Real and it convinced the Spanish team to sign him from GudmeThe players leaving GOG at the end of this season are: substitute goalkeeper Bent Møller, right winger Simon Jensen, right backs Klavs Bruun Jørgensen and Claus Flensborg, playmakers Thomas Mogensen and Matthias Madsen, pivot Torsten Laen and left winger Stefan Hundstrup.

So far, the newcomers will be right winger Dennis Kiregaard from Team Tvis Holstebro,  Icelandic right back Asgeir Örn Hallgrimsson from Bundesliga club TBV Lemgo, Icelandic plamaker Snurri Gudjunsson from another Bundesliga club, GWD Minden and Swedish pivot Olof Ask from Elitserie club H 43 Lund.*

* At the time of publishing the article, the EHF Transfer Department could confirm only the transfer of Thomas Mogensen (to SG Flensburg) and Torsten Laen (to Ciudad Real). In the case of the other players no official request has been lodged so far. These names and transfer rumours come from our journalist specialized in local handball news.

TEXT: Peter Bruun