Peter Bruun Jørgensen : We Were the Best in the CLArticle
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Slagelse's assistant coach talks to about the season and the final of his team.

Peter Bruun Jørgensen : We Were the Best in the CL 

One of those who will leave Slagelse DT’s Champions League winning squad at the end of the season is the assistant coach, Peter Bruun Jørgensen. The day after the triumph asked him to look back on the fantastic Sunday night in Brøndby Hallen and on the CL season.

Jorgensen praises Lada for not giving up"Last night was a fantastic night with a fantastic crowd behind us. Our players were ready from the start. However, I would also like to give Lada credit for never giving it up. They showed a great spirit by fighting, even when we increased our lead to 11 goals early in the second half. Other teams might have given up completely in that situation, but Lada went on fighting and playing positive handball. I think this attitude calls for respect," Peter Bruun Jørgensen said. What were the reasons Slagelse won the Champions League – and not only the final?

Peter Bruun Jørgensen: I think we gradually improved by getting ready for the challenges in the Champions League. We were good at focusing on our goal, which was to win the tournament. We were also good at improving the form of the players so that they reached their peak exactly at the right time. I think that we were simply the strongest team in the competition.

The assistant coach learnt from Anja How would you characterise your cooperation with head coach Anja Andersen?

Peter Bruun Jørgensen: I would say it has been fine. Anja is a very inspiring person with a lot of determination to reach her goals. Nothing is impossible to her and when she sets herself a goal, she goes for it one hundred percent. It is sure that she will reach it and she inspires the people around her to think the same way. For you personally, this season has been extremely busy, as you have not only been working as assistant coach in Slagelse, but also as head coach in 2nd Division club Roskilde Håndbold. What has this season been like for you?

Peter Bruun Jørgensen: I think it has been a fantastic one. In Roskilde we succeeded in gaining promotion to the 1st Division in spite of some problems along the way, and in Slagelse everything has just been perfect: Danish champonship and now the Champions League. If only we would have won the Danish Cup final, the season would have been terrific. You decided to take a year off from handball, as you are going to be father for the first time this autumn. What will it be like for you to stay without for a whole year?

Jorgensen will leave a very successful teamPeter Bruun Jørgensen: I may need a little time to get used to no working with handball and to simply live a 'normal' life not working at times when most people have a rest. Right now, however, I’m simply looking forward to become a father. Actually, my wife and I have been to a scanning today, and it was really wonderful to see that the baby is developing the way it should. Nevertheless, you will probably return to handball again some day?

Peter Bruun Jørgensen: I probably will, but so far I have no idea in what function. These are things you cannot really plan, you cannot decide everything.

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