Expert’s Column: Marit Breivik on the CL Final - Part 2Article
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EHF lecturer Marit Breivik is head coach of the Norwegian women’s national team. She led the Scandinavians to Olympic bronze in 2000, World Championship gold medal in 1999 and to three European Championship titles in 1998, 2004 and 2006.

Expert’s Column: Marit Breivik on the CL Final - Part 2

The first leg of the Women’s CL final ended in a draw. Marit Breivik has been following the action and she shares her impressions about the first match with us.

Marit Breivik: Very good Lada fast breaksMarit Breivik: It was a big match, played at high speed – especially in the first half. I was impressed by Slagelse: they went on court with the winning spirit. However, the 29-29 means that the issues are still not settled, everything is open for the second leg. We just have to wait and see… And what have you seen from the two squads? Was there anything surprising or did they apply just the usual tactics?

Marit Breivik: Slagelse were strong in defence – as I expected – and Leganger was fantastic as usual. I was also impressed by the fast breaks of Lada that they did very well in the first half. They should have carried on with it in the second as well. Who were the best players of the game?

Popovic is not only top scorer, also a creative playerMarit Breivik: Popovic was the best in attack with her 13 goals. She was allowed too much freedom. The defenders were too far from her, though she shouldn’t have been allowed to receive balls. I’m interested whether it will change for the next game and Lada can find out new solutions against her…

Postnova was similar on the other side. In fact, they are both great players who create, give assists and score. What do you expect from the second leg in Denmark?

Marit Breivik: There were many fast break goals and the teams may find out something against them. I was really surprised by the fast breaks of Lada. They do it better than the national team of Russia.

It was an entertaining What are the chances after this draw?

Marit Breivik: I think Slagelse are stronger. On the other hand, Lada have already done better than it was expected and they can still attack and go for the victory. What I hope is that it will be a close match, an open and exciting game.

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