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Karsten Madsen was appointed chairman of Slagelse eight months ago. Things looked dismal at the time, but now the club has bright prospects. He talks to eurohandball.com about this period.

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Above Expectations

Karsten Madsen, www.slagelsefh.dkWhen Karsten Madsen took over as chairman in Slagelse FH last August, things of the club did not look nearly as bright as they do today. Anja Andersen was about to leave Slagelse and several players and sponsors were also.

Things have definitely changed during Madsen’s first eight months as chairman. Apart from the fact that Anja Andersen will stay, the sponsors will also and new ones join the club; in addition, most of the key players are also going to stay.

Slagelse have just won the Danish Championship – and on top of all, they are in their third Champions League Final in four years. This time Russian Lada Togliatti will be the opponent in the next two weeks. Eurohandball.com talks to Karsten Madsen.

Eurohandball.com: What is it like to be the chairman of a Champions League finalist?

Karsten Madsen: Well, I have been involved in the club in the previous years too, but as a sponsor. It is correct, though, that it is my first time as chairman and it is really great. The team has developed tremendously during this season and I’m very happy that not only our women’s team is successful, but also our men’s team gained promotion to the First Division this season

Eurohandball.com: This was probably not what you expected when you took over as chairman back in August?

Karsten Madsen. Actually, I said already that time that our target is to win everything this season. But of course, one thing is to target something. To achieve it is something different…

Eurohandball.com: When you took over as chairman, Anja Andersen was about to leave together with several players and sponsors. Now we know that Anja Andersen stays for at least two more years, and so do majority of the players and sponsors. It must be much better to be chairman now than it was eight months ago…

Madsen will miss Popovic next yearKarsten Madsen: We are still facing big challenges in the coming years as Viborg signed Bojana (Popovic, ed.) and they will – of course – be very strong next year. But then again, nothing is impossible!

Eurohandball.com: Not many towns of Slagelse’s dimensions have a sports team at this level. This must mean a lot to the whole club and the town.

Karsten Madsen: At least we are the only town of this size with a team on this level at the moment. Viborg did it last year – this year we are doing it for the third time. It is simply fantastic!

TEXT: Peter Bruun