Two New Titles for Hypo-Noe Within a WeekArticle
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CL semi-finalist Hypo-Noe won Austrian cup and league title; in addition, new coach and players were introduced to the fans.

Two New Titles for Hypo-Noe Within a Week

After suffering defeat in the CL semi-final against the Russian team of Lada Togliatti (as earlier reported on, Hypo-Noe had to defend their titles in the Austrian Cup and the Austrian championship.

The result for Gunnar Prokop’s team was three easy wins and two more titles. The cup final was played on 1 May in the West Austrian town of Dornbirn against the team of SSV Dornbirn Schoren. 800 excited spectators welcomed Prokop’s elite team, which produced an avalanche of goals to win by 55:25 (27:11). The top scorers were (for Hypo) Boklashchuk with 17 (2), while for the home team, Gferrer scored 6 (2). It was Hypo-Noe’s 20th cup win in a row.

Hypo with the cupTwo days later there was a meeting between the first and second teams of Hypo-Noe in the championship final. The team of Feri Kovács fought bravely and led at half- time by one goal (15:14). Ryan Zinglersen’s world class Hypo 1 fought back in the second half and with magnificent displays by Piedade and Fridrikas, they turned things around to win by 33:24.

Farewell title for coach and players

For Saturday’s return game, Ryan Zinglersen promised a tougher performance by his Hypo1 team, and their class gave the youngsters of Hypo2 no chance. The final score of 40:22 (24:11) provided the ideal finale for those leaving Hypo1 at the end of the season (Ryan Zinglersen, Gabriela Rotis, Tetyana Shynkarenko, Alina Marin, Mariya Boklaschuk and Katarina Stevancevic).

The new coach, handball professor András Németh, and the two new players from Ferencváros (Erika Kirsner, and Tímea Tóth) were introduced to the fans, and were given a warm welcome. With these three Hungarians and other signings such as Sabine Englert and Katrin Engel, Hypo-Noe are already looking forward to the new season in the hope of winning the CL title for the 9th time.

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