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CL finalist Slagelse are playing for the Danish league as well. The matches against Viborg are good preparation against Lada.

Slagelse Go for Danish Title  

Slagelse in form

Slagelse DT seem to be favourites to win the Danish championship. The Champions League finalists won the first leg of the Danish finals against last year’s champions and Champions League winners Viborg HK. The difference was significant: 30-19.

The match was moved to Roskilde Hallen – between Copenhagen and Slagelse – as neither Slagelse´s usual home ground Antvorskovhallen, nor their “big-match” ground Brøndby Hallen was available.

It didn’t bother the Slagelse players, though, as they were dominating right from the start against Viborg who reached the CL quarterfinals this year. This time they had no chance, however.

With a strong defence in front of a fantastic Cecilie Leganger in the goal, Slagelse pleased the 1900 spectators. They took the lead from the start and increased it in the first half that they won 13-7.

Slagelse frighteningly strong

Viborg are good preparation against Postnova (in blue)Right from the start of the second half, the Slagelse dominance continued as the almost frighteningly strong home team practically humiliated Viborg. They were 12 goals up at 27-15, 29-17 and 30-18 towards the end of the match.

“Cecilie did extremely well in our goal, and our defence was strong,” Mette Melgaard, Slagelse pivot explanation it after the match.

“Our many wins have given us a lot of self confidence lately and we are preparing intensively for the upcoming Champions League finals against Lada Togliatti. Viborg’s backs – Grit Jurack and Rikke Skov – are a lot like the Lada backs Irina Bliznova and Liudmilla Postnova. In this aspect our recent trainings helped a lot,” added Metter Melgaard.

Popovic in a league of her own

Popovic is the usual top scorer of SlagelseTogether with goalkeeper Cecilie Leganger, Serbian star Bojana Popovic was the key player. She was the best of Slagelse, but also of the whole match. She scored 11 goals and played very elegantly A good consolation of Viborg fans is that she will play for Viborg HK next season.

The second leg will take place in Viborg on Thursday, and according to the rules of the Danish championship play-offs, Viborg will only need a one goal win to reach a third and decisive match about the title. Slagelse would play the third match at home as they were first after the first phase of the championship.

TEXT: Peter Bruun