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The protagonists of the evening gave their first comments on the game right after the final whistle.

Initial Reactions After the Final

THW Kiel have won the Champions League with a two-goal victory against Flensburg at home. The protagonists of an unforgettable match gave their comments right after the final whistle.

Noka Serdarusic, coach THW Kiel:

I never thought that we could be able to reach this far with so many injuries. I must highly congratulate my squad. I have to say thanks of course to Andrei Xepkin who joined our team at the age of 42 and he did it with all his heart.

Kent Harry Andersson, coach SG Flensburg:

I congratulate THW Kiel for the title. THW were simply the better team today.

Andrei Xepkin (Kiel):

I have to thank Noka for trusting me. It means a lot to me especially that I have not played for one and a half years. It is unusual that a team with so many injuries can win a match. This is the greatest moment of my life and the greatest present for my 42nd birthday. My heart was red and blue before, and from today there are big white and black stripes on it. I have to thank this professional club and especially Uwe Schwenker. If someone would have told me three months ago that I would win the Champions League today, I would have believed that he was drunk…

Christian Zeitz (Kiel):

It was a normal foul in the 19th minute. A two minute penalty against Boldsen would have been enough, but the referees decided otherwise. Now I’m just very happy about the victory that Kiel were waiting for so many years. The team will celebrate accordingly...