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The top scorer of Kiel doesn't pay attention to the top scorer list, he is only interested in the CL title.

Karabatic: The Trophy on My Mind

Eurohandball.com talks to a tired but determined Nikola Karabatic just days before the all-important second leg.

"Second on the top scorer list? Really? I didn't know."Nikola Karabatic: The draw in Flensburg was a very good result. We have to be careful, however, Flansburg are still very dangerous. We have 7-8 fit players. It will be very difficult at even on home court. I would say the chances are 50-50.

eurohandball.com: Did you learn anything about Flensburg during this last game?

Nikola Karabatic: No, not at all. We know each other well enough. We played the quarterfinal last year in the CL, we met in the German Cup and of course in the Bundesliga this year. We can’t show new things to each other.

eurohandball.com: It was a very long season full of demanding matches. Do you have some energy left?

Nikola Karabatic: I’m very tired. It was a long season, it’s true. There were many injuries in the team and we always had to play in defence and attack as well, 60 minutes every game. In addition, we played the World Championship; and Bundesliga with its 18 teams is also tough. But I still have some energy left for the CL Final and for the last matches of the season.

The Kiel bench is quite empty these days. Karabatic has to play 60 minutes everytimeeurohandball.com: You are second on the CL top scorer list, just two goals behind Christiansen…

Nikola Karabatic: Really? I didn’t know. I don’t care much about it; the only thing I can think about is to win the Champions League.

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