Slagelse Secure Final with Convincing PerformanceArticle
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The Danish team will face Lada Togliatti in the Women's CL Final after an easy victory in Győr.

Slagelse Secure Final with Convincing Performance

The Magvassy Hall of Győr probably saw its largest crowd ever when the home team hosted Slagelse DT for the Champions League semi-final. The Danish club had amassed a 6-goal lead in the first leg, so the challenge was great on the Hungarian side.

Melgaard scored very important goalsSlagelse started the game with Turey scoring the first goal from the wing. Vérten responded with two breakthrough shots while Maja Savic was prolific on another wing attempt. The Hungarian left wing had a very special role in the game: instead of her usual place at the side, she was playing in the centre back position drawing a lot of attention away from Görbicz. She was also efficient in breaking through the Danish wall scoring three of her team’s first four goals.

Slagelse was productive on Maja Savic’s cross-runs from the wing as well as Popovic’s usual distant shots from the back. Even though Djokic was guarding the latter far in the back, she still managed to get a couple of chances and she utilized them, too. The Danish defence was operating almost flawlessly not giving any opportunity to the home backs or pivots. In addition, goalkeeper Leganger was always there as the last line of defence. Her counterpart, Hungarian international Orsolya Herr was also doing an excellent job saving in many one-on-one situations. On the whole, Slagelse developed much more scoring chances and were ahead significantly by halftime (7-12).

No miracle for Győr

The second half started with another goal from Slagelse scored by pivot Melgaard this time. Since Savic and Turey continued scoring, the gap grew more and more. The visitors seemed to have ascertained victory for themselves while the home side appeared to have given up the hope although they continued fighting for prestige reasons. The Danish defence was impenetrable for the backs and the pivots, the only person able to hit the back of the net was Görbicz, but mostly on penalties (44th min: 12-19).

Vérten was effective only in the early minutesSlagelse kept increasing the difference: while the defence continued to function spotlessly, their offensive play got more and more efficient. The only question remaining was how large a margin the Danish side is going to triumph by. The gap stabilized around ten (52nd min: 15-25) which meant that Győr were not going to win their home game, either. Popovic and Turey continued where they left off in the first half and Bulatovic also hit the back of the net three times. Eventually, the visitors earned a deserved victory (22-30) on far superior defence and qualified for the Champions League final.

“Two great matches are waiting for us”

“We were ready from the start, particularly in defence that decided the match together with Cecilie Leganger in our goal. At a pretty early stage we managed to discourage the Győr players from believing in an aggregate victory. This is the explanation of the great difference,” Peter Bruun Jørgensen, Slagelse´s assistant coach, told

“I think you could say that our form has reached its peak at the best possible time. We are really happy now and we are really looking forward to the Champions League finals against Lada Togliatti. Two matches and we hope two great matches are waiting for us,” concluded Jørgensen.

The draw on Tuesday will decide whether Slagelse or Lada will start the finals at home. The finals will be played on 13-14 and 20-21 May.

TEXT: Sándor Joó and Peter Bruun