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Slagelse's assistant coach explains before the semi-final why it is good for the team to train less than other CL squads.

Training Less - Key to Success?

Slagelse DT train less than the opponents in Denmark as well as in Europe. This is one of the reasons for the success of the Danish team. This is even more important towards the end of a long season. Assistant coach Peter Bruun Jørgensen has no doubt that less training – compared to other teams – has a big part in the reason successes of Slagelse in the Champions League and in the Danish league.

The fans expect home victory just as the coaches“We train one less per week on average than the other Danish clubs and considerably less than many top teams in other parts of Europe. I see this – plus our expert medical team – as an important reason why we are considerably less bothered by injuries than other teams,” Peter Bruun Jørgensen told

In top form

“We have been planning trainings to get players in top form at this time of the season,” added Peter Bruun Jørgensen who is very optimistic before the first leg against Győri Audi ETO KC from Hungary. Slagelse have no injured players once again before the game.

“We have been watching videos of Győr and of course they are a strong team with good players in all positions with Anita Görbicz as their central figure, but they also have a strong defence.

As usual, we do not speculate how many goals we should win our home match in order to stand a chance in the second leg. On Sunday we concentrate on getting “two points” at the first match and only when that match is over do we start to thinking about the return game,” said Peter Bruun Jørgensen.

Well prepared Slagelse

Even though Slagelse DT train less than their opponents, there is no doubt that it will be a well prepared Slagelse to enter the court on Sunday afternoon.

“Since we defeated Krim Ljubljana in the quarterfinals, we have been training in preparation for the semi-finals. Since the draw for the semi-finals we have been focusing entirely on Győr during our trainings,” commented Slagelse´s head coach, Anja Andersen.

The match will start at 14.00 Sunday in Brøndbyhallen, Copenhagen. This hall hosts more than twice as many spectators as Slagelse’s usual home ground, Antvorskovhallen (with 2400 seats). This also means – of course – that Győr can bring more supporters here than to Antvorskovhallen.

TEXT: Peter Bruun