Muratovic: “The Keys are Defence and Goalkeeping”Article
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Valladolid's star tells us how to beat Flensburg. The Montenegrin player is already satisfied with their CL campaign.

Muratovic: “The Keys are Defence and Goalkeeping

Alen Muratovic is one of the most important players of BM Valladolid this season. The Montenegrin player is happy in Valladolid. He gets on well with Chema and he hopes to play the Champion League final, but he says that it is very difficult.

Muratovic gets the right tactics from coach Do you think it was a good result in Flensburg?

Alen Muratovic: It is possible to say that it was a good result, but I believe that we are going to suffer 60 minutes again on Sunday. We must show that we are a good team. Valladolid play in Champion League for the first time and all is new to us. The second leg will be different from the first because Flensburg are good team too. Flensburg have 14 players with great quality. I think that the match is going to be difficult. What does Valladolid need to win on Sunday?

Alen Muratovic: Valladolid have to play a good match just as in Flensburg. The key is the defence and goalkeeping. Valladolid must play in Pisuerga. Is that a problem?

Alen Muratovic: Perhaps, because we got used to playing in Huerta del Rey. On the other hand, Pisuerga has a capacity of 7,000 which is incredible. I think that the fans are our eighth player. It will be a spectacle to play there. Did Valladolid dream about the semi-finals at the beginning of the season?

Alen Muratovic: We didn’t think about it. We play and enjoy with our games. Perhaps it is a surprise that we play the semi-final, but this is the reality. Do you dream about the final?

Muratovic after one of his usual goalsAlen Muratovic: Yes. Everyone dreams about it, but it is not easy. I think reaching the final would equal winning the Champion League for us. Few teams play semi-finals at all. Is this your best period as a handball player?

Alen Muratovic: Perhaps, because I play in a good team with extraordinary players. Pastor’s system is very good, too. I am happy in Valladolid. I enjoy the work. And what about the future?

Alen Muratovic: I never think about it. At the moment, I have contract with Valladolid until 2010. I am happy in Valladolid.

TEXT: Manuel Belver