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The Danish coaches working for Slagelse and Hypo agree that there are no easy opponents before the semi-final draw on Tuesday.

Slagelse and Hypo fear no one

Even though Slagelse DT were defeated twice by Hypo Niederösterreich in the group stage of this year’s Champions League, the Danes do not fear the Austrians or any other possible opponent before the draw for the semi finals Tuesday.

Slagelse will be the only Danish representative in the semi finals after both Viborg HK and Aalborg DH were eliminated in the quarterfinals. As usual, the Danish league leader will take the next opponent as it comes.

“We do not have special wishes regarding the semi-final opponent and there is no team we would like to avoid either. As always, we fear no team but we have respect for all opponents,” assistant coach Peter Bruun Jørgensen told

“We would like to start away, but even if that wish does not come true, it won’t really matter a lot to us. We go for the victory every time we play, no matter if we play at home or away,” Peter Bruun Jørgensen added.

Hypo Niederösterreich’s Danish coach, Ryan Zinglersen, has no preferred opponent either:

“When you reach the best four teams of Europe, all possible opponents are extremely strong. Anything can happen, but Lada Togliatti seem particularly strong,” Zinglersen said.

The Champions League semi-final draw will be on 27 March, Tuesday at 11.00 in Vienna.

TEXT: Peter Bruun