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THW Kiel have beaten MKB Veszprém by seven goals in a full Ostseehalle. The difference was enough to secure their place in the next round of CL.

Kiel in the semi-final

THW Kiel have made it. The first time in six years, the Zebras are through to the semi-finals after a victory that was never in doubt against Veszprém.

Almost 10500 fans showed up in Ostseehalle to provide an atmosphere that players needed to make up for the narrow defeat in the 1st leg.

Alongside with a very strong Thierry Omeyer in the goal, Henrik Lundstöm played a brilliant game with 10 goals, one of them from 7 meters.

Even before the starting whistle, La Ola was sung in the arena. The Kiel fans were the eight man in the Kiel team.

The Zebras had a better start, if not a luckier start. Kim Andersson, Karabatic and Ahlm were scoring while Lazarov also scored twice for the Hungarians.

Playmaker Eklemovic had an unlucky day and hit the post, while Karabatic had a good day. His 7-meter throw hit the post but dribbled in the goal from the back of the goalkeeper.

Thierry Omeyer saved Eklemovic’s shot, but Lundström scored on the fastbreak.

Superb French goalkeeper

Though Thierry Omeyer won the battle of goalkeepers this match, but the Zebras could not pull away from the Hungarians. Pásztor and Cosma held their head and kept Veszprém in the match. This was made possible for a lack of concentration by the Zebras who failed to make the most of fast breaks on numerous occasions

Then the Kiel players found their feet. Despite the fact that Lövgren had to spend some time on bench, it was 13-8 in the 19th minute with the goals of Kavticnik, Lövgren and Lundström.

Following two goals by the Swedish left wing, it was already 15-9 in the 22nd minute. The visiting coach Zovko pulled on a hand break and took a time-out.  

Peric didn’t have a good day and the Hungarians played a very open defence. Karabatic and Lundström were marked and the guests tried to get back into the match.

The strategy worked for a short time and the result was 16-12 to Kiel in the 25th minute, which was marked by Kim Andersson firing the ball into the back of the net.

On the other side, Thierry Omeyer saved the penalty shot of Lazarov, and despite Kiel playing in numerical inferiority, Lundström was free to play as he wished. 

Karabatic and Lundström, the outstanding court players, took Kiel to 21-14. There was no hope for Veszprém though Eklemovic scored one more before the halftime whistle.

In the last seconds before the whistle, the Kielers made a “Kempatrick” and happily disappeared in changing room for halftime. 

After the break it got even better. Thierry Omeyer showed his world class quality, while Andersson and Ahlm took the hosts 24-15. Zeitz stole a ball, but only managed to hit the post. The Magyars, in the form of a strong Perez, Lazarov and Gulyás, managed to sneak up to 24-18, but the Zebras were in control of the match.

Lundström hit the back of the net anytime and the door to the semi-final was open. Veszprém didn’t give up, however. 

Last chance for the Hungarians

Slowly Peric was getting into the match and he was regaining the confidence saving two penalty shots. The three Kiel defence players got tired and Thierry Omeyer lost form. Gál Gyula brought Veszprém back in game taking them up to 32-27 in the 50th minute.

At that point Noka Serdarusic brought in Szilágyi and Zeitz in the backcourt position instead of Karabatic and Andersson, while and Linders took over from Lövgren. 

Mattias Andersson replaced the man in the goal. Lundström scored his 10th goal from a fast break. The winger made it 35-27 and the match was pretty much over. In the final minutes of the game the Kiel fans celebrated that Kiel are in the semi-final for the first time since 2001. Szilágyi scored his first two goals since May last year.

It was an impressive victory. Kiel wouldn’t even have to hide from Ciudad Real with a performance like this. Kiel are in the semi-final and are waiting for the drawn on Tuesday morning.

TEXT: Sascha Krokowski