Begus: Slagelse have the best defenceArticle
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Defending will be crucial, says Robert Begus, coach of Krim Ljubjana. Slagesle are probably the most difficult team to score against.

Begus: Slagelse have the best defence

A great quarterfinal clash is coming up between Slagelse and Krim Mercator. Both teams won the Champions League already twice.

According to Robert Begus, the coach of the Slovenian champion, the team with the best defence are waiting for them.

“In the previous years, Slagelse were among the teams with the best attack. But this year everything changed and now they are the team with the best defence,” said Robert Begus.

He did not have special wishes before the draw in Vienna as all eight possible opponents were European top teams. “It is difficult to say whether I’m satisfied or not. All opponents have good and bad characteristics. That's the way it is, and it was not important who would come for the quarterfinals. The ultimate goal is the victory for us.”

Krim lost against Slagelse in the 2003/04 CL Final. It will be a perfect opportunity for the revenge at the end of March.

Until then the teams spend three weeks to recover and get prepared.

“We stay in a seaside resort until Sunday. Some players will relax, others who did not play so much will have individual trainings,” added Begus.

After the weekend, the focus will be on Slagelse. Krim does not have to worry a lot about Slovenian championship, Krim’s success can be usually taken for granted.
TEXT: Maja Mastnak, Sportal