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The Danish team cannot play against Krim in the bigger arena, but assistant coach, Peter Bruun Jorgensen is not worried about that.

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Slagelse Have to Move Home

Slagelse DT played their last two home CL matches in Brøndbyhallen, close to Copenhagen. They will have to move back to the smaller Antvorskovhallen in Slagelse for the first leg of their quarterfinal against Krim Mercator Ljubljana. Brøndbyhallen will be occupied on the match day, Sunday March 18th, and therefore Slagelse will have to play in their usual home arena.

"That is not going to mean a thing, though. Antvorskovhallen will undoubtedly be full on that day, and the atmosphere will be just great," Slagelse´s assistant coach Peter Bruun Jørgensen told

Teams of great tradition

About Slagelse’s quarterfinal opponent, the assistant coach said:

"As I said before, we have respect for all teams and Krim have great traditions in the Champions League - just as we have. They made some changes in their team over the past couple of years, but some of their old stars are also still there, and they still have an extremely strong team. We are really looking forward to those matches and we start our preparations right away. It will be crucial for us to make our defence and attack function at the same time," Peter Bruun Jørgensen said about his team’s upcoming meetings with Krim.

Slagelse defeated the Slovenians in the 2003/04 Champions League final.

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