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The physical condition of Albert Rocas is a major question for Portland team. The right winger had to be replaced with a young player last weekend, and his return date is still in doubt.

Portland waiting for Rocas

Alter the match in Ciudad Real, Portland need some reinforcement – Albert Rocas.

The Spanish international wing player is recovering from an injury (his left shoulder needs some more time), but he is optimistic about playing the return leg in Pamplona.

Rocas has not trained with the team yet, but the pain in his shoulder is getting better, so he hopes to be ready to play on Sunday.

However, Rocas is not going to take risks. His injury is serious and he wishes to recover completely before going back on court.

The right winger is anxious about the game and he wants to help his team mates in the massive task of beating Ciudad Real for the semi-final.

Rocas also had to skip the World Cup and now he wishes to make up for it in the Champions League.

Javier Equisoain, Portland’s coach, hopes that Rocas could play too. The coach had to replace Rocas with a young central player, Carlos Ruesga, who is not at home at that position.

The presence of Rocas and a possible ban of Talant Djushebajev being sent off with a red card in the last minute of the first leg would be a great advantage for Portland.

The UPNA Pavilion will be filled with Portland fans who are ready to make it difficult for Ciudad Real.


TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi